Source runs relay race


Would anybody be interested in a source runs relay race?

The idea would be to have 2+ teams compete through all (most?) of the source games.

Would start with HL1, then HL2, HL2:EP2, Portal (inbounds), P2

You would be allowed to run more than 1 game, but none back to back
EG: HL1 + HL2:EP2, but not Portal + Portal 2

If you guys are interested, post the games you can run/are willing to run

I can run HL2 and Portal (inbounds)

Edit 1: Removed games Opp Force, BS, and HL2:EP1 and added the pretense inbounds to portal


How about those 2 teams also play an AG match? ;D


I can run Portal for this!

EDIT: Inbounds. I could try to train for oob but it would be a train wreck, so Inbounds for me.

EDIT 2: fuck it, sign me up for oob as well.


I don’t think there’s enough runners for the episodes and hl1 expansions, so you could just make it HL1, HL2, Portal Inbounds and Portal 2(could also throw Aperture Tag in there?).


I could run Ep2, but I don’t see the point in including Ep1, it’s just cutscenes.


I’d be very interested in making this happen.


id run hl2 if you no one better wants to run.


I could do any HL1/2 game. Pretty sure S. would like to do EP1 and/or EP2


I could do HL1 although there are people far better than me.


HL1, can do OpFor and Blue but haven’t rly run them that much.


I would learn Portal 2 SS strats for this.


If this is actually gonna happen we should get a spreadsheet.


I could run HL2 but most people here are far better than me