Source Runs Icon?


Hey Guys, I just sat on my computer today and i saw this post about a new logo for sourceruns. I thought of the “Portal Done Pro-Er” video,And decided to try to make a logo and this is the result (low quality, sorry) if u want to edit this logo here is psd download:


Some comments:

  • The jagged edges at the lower part of yellow portal is bad.
  • With the yellow portal overlapping the blue portal, the whole thing looks cluttered and unbalanced.
  • The tiny black area between U and N is distracting.
  • Inconsistent shadowing. You have some shadows around the letter N, but no shadow around the portals.
  • The colours of the letters and the yellow portal are too similar, the U looks like it blends into the yellow portal. In Portal Done Pro-er the white letters makes them easier to distinguish from the portals.
  • The white “NS” stands out too much, esp. with dark background.
  • The space between letters is too small for your idea to work.

Besides, I don’t think anyone is requesting a new logo. It’s the favicon that this site lacks.


Airstrafers already said it all. Please don’t claim you “made a new logo” when you only took the logo that I already made, added in some portals, reversed the “R” and made it look terrible.

And once again like Airstrafers said, nobody has been requesting a new logo, only a favicon for the website.

Lastly, do not make a post in a thread and then start a whole new thread with the exact same text in it.