Sound skips in Portal 2


I have a Steam version of Portal 2. The problem is that it has sound skips, like the last words of dialogs are getting skipped.

This is what I have tried already, but to no avail:

  1. Lower all settings
  2. Launching the game with -autoconfig
  3. Reinstalling sound card drivers
  4. Reinstalling Portal 2
  5. snd_rebuildaudiocache Console command

It really bothers me, these sound skips, so I will greatly appreciate any help.


I’ve had this problem too, but it went away when I got my new computer. Your best bet is to email Valve.


Yes, I did, and they told me to do all that. I guess it got fixed after I have done this console command, but then after the patch came out, it got broken again.

Maybe I have to just buy a disk version?


sv_cheats 1

host_timescale 0.8

See if next dialog cuts over current dialog.


Do you mean that it’s like there is no time between dialogs? Doesn’t seem like it. If it cuts, it seems that there is just enough time before the next dialog starts, but sound is just missing. I just played through the Itch. I’ll show where it cuts, for example,
Weathley: …Fatty, adopted, fatty, fatty, fa[…]
Glados: and…
Wheathley: what?
Glados: what exactly is wrong with being adopted?
(all dialogs are going normal)
Glados: Also, look at her you moron, she[…]
Weathley: I’m not a moron!!! Just do the test, just do the test.


Yeah you understood right. uhhhmhmmh.

Both the Steam UI and the ingame language have to be the same.

When your Steam is set to German but the ingame language set to English, set both to German or both to English to fix the bug.



OH MY DEAR GOD! This is so easy! My Steam was in Russian.

It worked!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!