Someone help…


I’m uploading a video to my youtube of how to do it, not of me actually doing it. I got it to work 1 time so far (I wasn’t recording when I did it). All other times, i’ve got stuck in the floor.


Yeah… that can happen when trying to go through shiz. Anyway thanks for helping me out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally got me going up through the floor. It’s a slight different method and the fence had already been knocked down but in a segmented run this should save time. Depends on the fastest/safest way we can get underneath there.


How did you make the triggers show???




Can anyone find a really quick way of getting underneath the map without taking too much damage? I’m looking myself and haven’t had much luck. Demon mentioned that you could so I figured that he had a quite effective way of doing it. Has he told anyone?


This is how I did it:


Hmm. It takes quite a long time… but it’s the fastest way I’ve seen. I’m going to go time how long it takes for Alyx to drivel on after you get the gravity gun and see whether there’s any chance of optimising it.

EDIT: It takes Alyx 50 seconds to drivel after you get the gravity gun. In the demo that Demon showed us it took him 57 seconds to get to where you can punt youself up from the ground. If it was optimised it might be possible to cut like 3 seconds from the run and besides it would look better than starting at a portal storm for 50 seconds. :-\


I get it taking Alyx 61 seconds, from grabbing the grav gun, up the boulders crushing the gate and moving in a bit.

It took me 49 seconds to get down underneath the track. That can be improved too. I think maybe 44 seconds or so. So yeah, definitely worth it to go oob I think. Can anyone get me a demo or recording of actually getting through the floor? I haven’t managed it, I’d like to see it before we decide to do it this way

EDIT: Still not perfect, but I have a 43 seconds for it. Yeah, this is definitely faster :smiley:

EDIT: Haha. 34.3 :slight_smile:. Just need to see getting through the floor D:


How low do you think we can get it down to?


As you see by my latest edit to the last post. 34 seconds I got. Maybe a second or two off that, but it was a pretty good run.


Shall we get started then? We can use your 34 seconds as the route demo and write the guide for it. I suppose the real question is… ARE YOU READY?


Get me a demo of getting through the floor, and we’ll start :stuck_out_tongue:


If no one does it by Sunday then I’ll do it but from now until Sunday I’ll be away from my desktop/working. :-\

It’ll be cutting the starting this week thing pretty close. :frowning:


I haven’t been following this thread… but anyway
Joining the cool kids - amidoinitrite?


Start with watching that.

Then watch some of the demo’s in this thread about the trick that we’re trying to do with the map. :wink:

That would be a good start. :slight_smile:


Done. It uses the fact that the game automatically makes you step onto the suitcase, in most spots (When the roof isn’t too low). And then you just jump around like a loon until you get shoved through the floor a bit. If you’re stuck, and you save and load, the game tries to shove you out one side. Get far enough through, and you can get the second save I included, where you’re then in the tunnel ^_^.


When I said I did it the first time by not using the train tracks, I did it like this:

Its 2:38 seconds into the demo, tick 10600.