Someone try playing my demo?


Hey, can anyone try playing this demo? Typical can’t play any of my demos, we want to see if it’s his HL or mine that’s causing it. ThisCheers.


I can’t play it either, the game crashes when I try to do it.


Hmm. That’s weird. Any idea why it does that? I can play my demos fine


Okay, I’m close to figuring it out. I deleted my config in HL2 and let the game give me the default, and now my game crashes when I play my own demos, so it’ll be something to do with the config I’m using.


Okay, after ages of messing with configs, I think I have it sorted. Please try this oneIf that works, everything should be fine.


It works. ^^ Also shows a possible stuck jump if anyone wants to take a peak.


Yeah. A couple more where I get close to the actual aim of the stuckjump. Demos that WORK :smiley: Hopefully should be far quicker than the original method of bunnyhopping down the street and wallclimbing.