Some questions about TASing


Before you read this, i am going to inform you that im retarded :100: :fire: :ok:
These are some questions about TASing with BunnymodXT

  1. How to abuse RNG? Like you can avoid missing a bullet and spray them in a perfect dot? I try the “seed” with 2 random Shared RNG and Non-Shared RNG, take a AR, spray on the wall but the bullet holes are not always the same whenever I reload the script. I do it in “single player mode” of course.
  2. Are there some “inaccessible frames” whenever you load the game/save or get into the map? Mine is about 3-5 frames. I dont think it’s random because I try some script with getting through other maps (changelevel) but it doesn’t affect the sync of the script. I ask this because I want to try the “fast firing” but delaying between save/load and the actions (+attack; +attack2) about 1 frame really causes a lot of troubles like you cant save if you just load the game 1 frame before and so does the actions.
  3. What is wrong with the frametime? For an example of my issue: frametime is 0.01 and you have 1 frame left to do the jumpbug, that means you will collide the ground in 1 more frame with frametime = 0.01, but when I change the frametime to 0.001 with framebulk = 10, basically it will help me jumpbug easier, I give the “jumpbug” in the command line but it doesnt really do the jumpbug, I have to reduce the framebulk to a value which is lower than 10 but there is just one right value to make it right. To sum up, 10 framebulks of frametime = 0.001 wont help you jumpbug but lowering the value to the exact one will help you make it. If I understand this well, I can make a 23fps jumpbug but I havent made it successfully with TAS

Those are terrible issues I have ever suffered. However they came from my perspective so I cant make sure that it happens to others. Maybe my computer just sucks. There are more questions but I will find the answer in the future
I’m looking forward to your responses


One of the RNG seeds can only be set on engine start, and the other one on changelevels. You can’t change it at any time during playback, which means you can’t really achieve perfect dot spray or something like that without moving the camera. Also RNG manipulation requires -nosound in hl.exe command-line arguments. I explain how RNG stuff works here:

Yes, there are some frames when the game hasn’t fully loaded yet, during those frames you can press buttons like jump, duck, use, but you cannot rotate the camera. You also can’t record demos or load during these.

In order to jumpbug you need to end up within 2 units from the ground after you unduck. This is only possible in 100% of cases at 1000 FPS, at lower framerates it depends on your luck with positioning if you can do it or not. If you need a jumpbug at a lower framerate and you aren’t getting it, try adjusting how you jump or fall down.


Thanks for your response!
I’m still curious about the shared RNG seed. How to preserve it? I get into the game then load the seed before the engine like exactly what you said. However, the “bullet spread” isn’t the same when I reload the script. Interestingly, if I reload the game and do the same thing like the setup, the “bullet spread” will be the same. In conclusion, I have to reload the game to get back the shared RNG seed(?). I don’t know which is the way to solve this completely but I just found a temporary solution which is using “reset” line.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, but when you’re dealing with set RNG you generally need to restart the game every time you launch your script. Also the RNG changes multiple times every frame, so you can’t really set up the bullet spread you need separately while staring at the wall, you’ll need to adjust the RNG value to do what you want on the spot.


I’m trying to make a BIG ASS TEXT from guns to mock my friend ( dont worry he wont get hurt because he has already got use to it) and furthermore, I can use this to avoid being hit by NPC, especially grunt since they are all RNG? But you have enlighted me

[font=Tahoma]you generally need to restart the game every time you launch your script
so im gonna make him feel like there is no tomorrow