Some proposed changes for the Half-Life leaderboards


Hi everyone,

There’s been alot of discussion in our Discord server recently regarding a number of ideas for the future of Half-Life speedrunning and its leaderboards, so today we’ll be bringing these propositions forward to the whole community to decide if they should be implemented.

The proposed changes:

Banning the ‘wait’ command in “Scriptless” runs

This topic has been brought up again since the discovery of a new method of CLD (changelevel delay); showcase here:

If implemented, current runs using ‘wait’ would remain on the leaderboards as legitimate because up until now using this command has barely saved any time, so current runs are beatable without it.

Adding a PS2 category/game

Half-Life PS2 runner, SuperFrizzio, has been on our backs about this for some time now, so we figured it was finally time to end the silence and come to a decision :stuck_out_tongue:

Merging difficulties (Easy + Hard in one category)

This would mean that the main categories for would be simplified to just WON and Steam, with a difficulty variable being added so that ‘Hard WR’ can still be claimed.

Get your votes in here:


Yeah… I recently picked up HL again and discovered some new PS2 tricks that can improve my old 44:37 run by at least 6-7 minutes… The angle-jump trick and other cool other stuff can make their appereance in a new SS and segmented speedrun…

I’m gonna quote what I wrote in the vote-page:

“The best option would be to create the Half-Life (PS2) page because of huge differences like I explained some years ago… Also would be nice if I can be the moiderator to that page so I can add the main categories for PS2 like segmented, SS, alien mode and ofc Hazard Course :)”

Best regards, ciao from Italy


Actually since there are different categories, it might be better to make it a separate game (instead of adding one PS2 category like I mentioned in my form submission).


I’ve noticed there are a few people who voted against merging difficulties on the basis that they don’t want mid-run difficulty changing to be allowed.

To clarify, merging difficulties does not mean that changing difficulty mid-run will be allowed; it just means that both ‘Easy’ and ‘Hard’ runs will be submitted under one category.


41 responses have been submitted and no more will be counted from this point.

Here is a summary of the responses:


Thanks for adding the PS2 category :slight_smile: Can you do the same with the IL pages?



I just have one question: Does the IL runs needs to be SS or its allowed to make segmented ones?


The leaderboards are for single sitting runs only.