So, this happened today


So, out of nowhere today, I was invited to a group chat by a guy of the name of “tanger2b”. I’ve never even heard of this guy before until 10 minutes ago, but apparently him and his posse have a lot to say about SourceRuns.
Here’s the convo.

Never tell your password to anyone.
[ Msushi ]: ORLY?
Centaur1um: um who are you
[ Msushi ]: looks like bs
tanger2b: We’re the cool speedrunners. Not the shitty SS race faggots on sourceruns
[ Msushi ]: YUUUP
tanger2b: Fuck
markel731: oi oi oi its a legitment script
Centaur1um: Says the faggot with the pokemon avatar
Centaur1um: fuck off

I had no intention on staying in this chat for longer than I had to, as dealing with internet kids is not my favorite past time. Here’s their steam profiles, so you all can avoid them.

tanger2b -
[ Msushi ] -
markel731 -

This was a pretty hefty group chat, iirc there were about 6 or 7 people in there.


Thats nice and stuff but… NEVER TELL YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE.




Seems like a big threat to sourceruns.


they 2pro4us