So Long and Thanks for All the Fish


So here you go: [url=](C88) [Shoup] 送別 | Soubetsu (Farewell) [English] [Digital]
[/url]It’s just a thing. The only kind of thing I am good at, which is… well, making bad memes.

I love u shoop


I haven’t been around for ages, but I keep a slight eye on the forums and YT channel, and a far far more slight eye on the Skype chat. But I hadn’t known any of this was going on, so I won’t pretend to be in the slightest informed.

Everything everyone says is with the intent of keeping SourceRuns a positive, happy place that’s good for everyone to run the games we all know and love. We’re all passionate nerds, and as a result, we always have argued and always will.

Thanks Gocnak for everything you’ve done for SourceRuns, I’m sorry things got so sour near the end, and I hope your break brings a lot of relaxation and you can come back to running and gaming in general with a happier outlook in the future. I never chatted to you an infinite amount, but we’ve shared a few good times regardless :).

Thanks to everyone else who participates here and considers themself part of the community. I know you all just want this place to be the best it can be, however much your opinions are at odds with others.

I still consider myself part of SourceRuns, and always will, regardless of my lack of involvement. Now if only I could regain access to my Steam account…

Love you all <3