So I got my A-Level Results


And this smartass is into Oxford. Fuck yeah.


Congratulations, Mr. Smarty-pants :> Glad it all worked out.


Kewl, congrats man!



Edit: oh, and congratulations are in order, of course. So hereby I congratulate you with much congratulatory congratulations.


Well done sir… and congratulations! :slight_smile: What are you going to study at Oxford?


Maths and Computer Science :smiley:


Sweet! Same as me, except I’m not doing it at Oxford but at Utrecht.


NERDS! However, I’ve heard that geeks will inherit the earth, which might be a good thing for you guys.


Woo :D. IT’S GONNA BE SO AWESOME. Should I buy the beer bong one of the guys is advertising on the Facebook page?





Maths and Computer Science, cool man, sounds great! Grats