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Segment stopping bind
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This bind should be used while stopping a segment, instead of just pausing the game and entering some console commands.
When you hit the bound button, it’ll save the game, and only stop the demorecording after 25 frames. We’re able to overlap the missing footage (due to broken frames on each demo-start) and make the segment transition in the video very smooth, or even invisible.

bind "save ;echo #SAVE#;wait 25;stop;toggleconsole"
Replace the to the key you want to use this bind on. TAB button is recommended.
Replace the to… (self explanatory).

I’ve updated the bind to have more waits (DWaHMoV transitions weren’t smooth enough). It’ll also bring up the console now, right after you press the bind and the demo recording stops.

game.cfg - still in testing stage
Using game.cfg, we are able to stop demo-recording or pause the game as soon as the map finishes loading (on changelevels). This way, we won’t ruin the segment by fucking something up in the next map.


I disagree, but I’ll use this bind anyway.


I use it ofcourse