Smooth Segment transition (how do I do that)


In the “speedrun submissions” page, one of the listed requirements was that the transition between segments has to be smooth, both visually and sound-wise. I would like to know the methods used by professionals to create this effect. My problem is that every time you segment, not only are you able to move your mouse during the loading screen, but in the demos, ALL SOUNDS STOP. Including dialogue and music. Obviously, in the larger runs like DWaHMoV and PDI, this is not the case AT ALL. Because I would like for my run to be of the highest possible quality, and not just accepted, but welcomed and invited by SourceRuns, I want to know how this was done. What methods are used during video editing to make the run look so linear? Thank you for your time.


“professionals” :^)
I would recommend actually reading the whole submissions page because it has some useful links.

download spt:
This plugin pauses the video game the first tick after a load

paste this into your autoexec:

alias sav3 "THESEG;echo #SAVE#;wait 100;stop;toggleconsole"
bind [a button] "sav3"
alias unpaus3 "sensitivity 2; unpause"
bind [a  different button] "unpaus3"
alias l04d "pause;sensitivity 0;load [a save];wait 10;record THESEG"
bind [another button] "l04d"


With segments I put “wait 100” after the save command in my bind like the one above^ so I can give myself an extra second in editing to sync up the segments as best as I can by matching the first frame of a new segment with the one that would have come before on the previous segment.

As for sound I look through the game files and find the same sound file then cut it up so it sounds like its continuing the from the sound that was cut in the dialogue or environment.


Since the sounds usually sound extremely weird if you just put them into the video editor, I replace every sound but the one I need with silence, go into the game where that sound is played in the demo, record it completely, and then cut it and insert where it’s needed.