*Smart and unusual "Hello" goes here*


Heyo. I have been lurking this site for quite a bit now. The one and only quadrasid along with Spider-Waffle got me into speedrunning. Forums and wiki made speedrunning a bit easier.
I mainly aim to speedrun HL1 and HL:S. It makes me kinda sad to see the HL:S section die down, so I would love to bring it back to life if I can. At least for a while. I roughly read through all topics and still haven’t figured out: is it completely dead, or runners got stuck in planning stage?
So yeah.


Hi and welcome!

I wonder the same thing myself, loads of tricks got found for HL:S but I’m not sure if anyone is actually working on a run of it at the moment (the dropbox folder has been dead for a while now). I’d love to see some more contribution and work gone into it, it seems like it has potential. Would be great to be able to compare it to HL1 runs too, I wonder just how quickly it can be done in Source…


Half-Life: Source run is dead. Me, Elgu and Jeralulz were thinking about starting a new run some time ago, would be awesome if you could join us too :slight_smile:


I feel the same way.

Approx 1hr. I think. But [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]judging from all the awesome triks I read about, it could be faster.

I would very like to join. As soon as my skill will be on the decent level. Thanks for the invite :3