Slow motion



I’m pretty new to speedrunning half life. I am interested in TASing with slomotion and more so I wondered what command do you get the slow motion from?

I’ve tried host_framerate but It does not seem to work with my versions of the game (host_framerate 0.001 and around that).

:100: :100: :fire: :ok: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ???


I’m pretty sure you set host_framerate to 0.015 and then set fps_max to 60, that should give you a slow motion effect. But run those commands before you load a map.


30 or even 10 would probably be much better values to set, considering that 60 only slows the game down to 90% speed.


100 fps:

host_framerate 0.010000001
_bxt_min_frametime 0.02

// for 2x slowmo, 0.03 for 3x and so on

1000 fps:

host_framerate 0.001
_bxt_min_frametime 0.002

// and so on, the same pattern


Thanks, but what version is the most optimal for these commands?


For versions without the bunnyhop cap you usually want 100 FPS (because that’s the legit setting), and for versions with the bunnyhop cap you can use the 1000 FPS one.