Slender Speedrun


I’m not sure if anyone here has ever done speedruns of non-valve games, but I recently downloaded Slender (yes, I played in the dark with headphones) and got the idea of making a speedrun of it. I’m still not sure if there is a way to save game (external mods or something) or if it would have to be single segment, but either way that would be pretty cool.

I’m pretty sure it could be done under 6 minutes with some luck (the pages are a little random) and a good management of the sprint.

Anyone would like to give it a try or would be entertained by it?


Well you’re best off posting about it on SDA. SourceRuns is really just for the Valve games, so if we expand to “all games on Steam”, we’re being untrue to the name and also encompassing most games worth playing, so I’d say go to SDA with it :slight_smile:


ok I’ll do that, topic no longer needed if an admin wants to delete it.


Slender is a real bitch of a game to even attempt to speedrun, I can’t even finish it.


Yeah it took me at least 20 tries. and the character is super slow. I’ll still try a post to SDA to see if people have some save/load mod or something, because I agree single segment would not be cool.


Mods are not allowed on SDA