Sky teleporter glitch - double the gonarch, double the fun!


Found this glitch today. I have experienced it before once, but back then i was drunk and probably thought i quickloaded accidentally or something. Basically its a teleporter in the sky, and you can go back into it, get teleported to the previous level, bringing gonarch with you. I then discovered you can bring the duplicated gonarch back to the next level, having two Gonarchs.

This is what i do on sundays. Video of me playing around with the glitch. I don’t think its useful.


Definitely won’t be useful, but now we have a goldsource equivalent of putting babies in trash cans. 8)


This is great.


Jesus, what


The level transition trigger in the sky, not just this map, has been known about since around 2005, I think Radon first digging into the hammer editor then, on the first xen level in this case. It was then shortly known that all maps have at least 2 transition triggers, somewhere, one which goes to the next map and the other to the previous map, for levesl like these where the previously level transition used a teleport trigger or was never intended to go back to, the trigger back is always up in the sky somewhere, I’m pretty sure all of them are at or near the top of the accessible ceiling or work with collision.

I’ve considered all of them, none seeming to have any potential to save time.

Though you’ve done something very different than anything I’ve seen or heard of with Gonarch here which might be useful. :smiley:

When you first transition and Gonarch is well below you, that makes perfect sense, but then when you die… Is that auto loading your last save YOU made, or one of the games autosaves? (been so long since I’ve played with those on)

It’s really quite remarkable that Gonarch then is suddenly right next to you after this load, this position could help a little though might not really matter, but what really matters is that GONARCH IS THERE AT ALL. Since presumably, there’s no way there was as save here with gonarch on the map prior, so something remarkable is happening here.

So this could potentially save time by jumping start Gonarch’s AI into running and going to her way points. It’s less likely to help for a segmented run like HL21 because we’ve already found fast but inconsistent ways to speed this up that would be really hard for this new method to be faster than. But for a SS, particularly with loads, this could add a degree of consistency in a slightly faster time.

For SS with loads, as it’s treated by most now, it would be acceptable to save right before loading the gonarch map, then boost into this trigger, “kill”, then if this works like it looks like it does video, bonus Gonarch would instantly be on the next map running towards the first way point. Which, depending on the boost to the trigger and where gonarch gets repositioned to from the death-auto-load, should be a bit faster. Come to think of it, probably for a segmented run too.

though I’m quite sure of the legitimacy of this as what’s going on isn’t quite a “continuous run” and involves some form of memory corruption or similar effect with gonarch popping into a past save due to future action which she was never originally there to begin with.

It’s funny something similar was actually mentioned on the first gonarch map by “sylnki”, someone most here wouldn’t quite remember I think, around 2004ish he mentioned playing on this level one time, and trying to bypass the first web by going over the sky box over the tunnel, ending up dying some way or another, and said he was auto loaded inside the middle of the tunnel with gonarch chasing him. the save being loaded to from what he “thought” “might” have been the from the auto-save trigger triggering from above the tunnel when he was in the sky box.

though this didn’t add up, as even if he did trigger the auto-save due to it extending up there, which I don’t think it does, you should load in the same position you were when you auto-saved, ie above the tunnel. What I think might have actually happened was that his last save was from when he was actually IN the tunnel and the gonarch chasing him could have merely been the correct gonarch from that save. So nothing particularly noteworthy (though I guess I still took note mentally :stuck_out_tongue: )

So it really all rests on how this “gonarch corrupted” load works, and it’s legitimacy, as if you needed to fall the down from the roof, go back inside the room and transition normally again, which I don’t think the triggers can activated and sequence again, it’s still be pretty slow. There’s a very slim chance you could delay load from the sky box trigger to the teleported green box room and keep your weapons and save time doing so.

I’ve got to go to bed now otherwise I would investigate this more. I’d encourage anyone else to go DISCOVER report what you find.


LOL wow this is awesome!

Im going to go mess around with this now. Probably with noclip though because I wont get those gauss boosts xD


I don’t think it’s possible to get on top of the tunnel oob, because it’s blocked off.
As a matter of fact, I’d say that all gonarch maps are pretty well done, in terms of beneficial oob. Because there’s no beneficial oob. Or I wasn’t trying hard enough to find it.