SiN Episodes done quick?


It may have nothing to do with Half-Life, but it uses the source engine, so what’s the thought on doing that quick? I suppose we would have a better idea once everyone’s played it a bit, see if bunny hopping works well, see how many character conversations there are, etc.


Yeah I was thinking about that as well, but I have a question:SiN Episodes is ONLY released through Steam right? Yes or No? :unsure: If it uses the same bunnyhop as HL2 this game could be really cool! But of course it would need to be tested first…


what is this game about… Can anybody tell me, like weapons and stuff, as well as bhoping/movement.Cheers


QUOTE (Pincus @ Apr 17 2006, 10:17 AM)what is this game about… Can anybody tell me, like weapons and stuff, as well as bhoping/movement.CheersThere isn’t much to tell you at the moment since the game hasn’t been released, but here’s the main homepage and a gameplay video which shows the game pretty nicely. I’m not convinced the game will be that good, but still:… (200MB)It’s pretty cool that the game have lots of stats for accuracy and such:, did anyone know if this game is only released on Steam?


My guess is yes. Its made by Ritual, and they’ve buddy buddy with Valve, so i dont think a seprate install file would be necessary. Sorry.


well if you go to their website it says up the top “coming to steam and retail outlets everywhere on May 10th, 2006” so i guess that means its not only coming to steam.




The game is too short. Speed run will be really brief either :wink: .


yeah seems pretty crappy to me, i’ve seen hl2 mods that look better


I don’t own the game (yet), but how similar is the “feel” compared to HL2? Does AHK-bunnyhop work as well as it does in HL2?


I play the non-Steam version of Sin Episodes and the feeling to hl2 is really closeFast movement,but flying dont work, for me, i tried it a couple of timesBut its really worth a look,this game rocks,absolut fast gameplay


I’ve fiddled with this game abit.Flying, althought very weird, is possible, atleast to some extent.The jumping is very weird, it’s sort of like those duck-jumps from hl1, making bunnyhopping extremly easy.The main problem of speedrunning this game that i have seen is the extreme randomness. Most of the time there are lots of minimobs that can be headshottet in 1 hit, but some of the time they spawn with a helmet (2 headshots) or as a chaingunner (nearly a whole clip of ammo).The game itself is utter crap, 3 weapons, 6 monsters.The only thing that makes this game good is that it’s so unfair hard. If you’re stuck in a place with little hp, you are forced to become more and more skilled, and then the game difficulty changes because of that skill change, and suddenly you are surrounded by chaingunners who spawn about 5 times instead of just 1, most of the time damn near telefragging you.Speedrunning this will require mastering the weird flight thing, doing endless headshots and knowing enough about the dynamic difficulty system to keep it low somehow.I’d imaging it would be fun to look at, but not so much running.


hmm, looking over my last post i realised i bashed the game abit too much.What i meant to say is that the game has many elements that will greatly anoy anyone trying to speedrun it.The game itself is quite enjoyable, it has managed to have some of the charm of the original doom games (meaning it’s somehow fun continuosly shooting people, plus the bosses are very fun (meaning they shoot at you in fancyfull ways and you shoot at them for a long time, not like most new games where boss fights are basically a small puzzle being impossible if you don’t solve it and trivial once you have solved it)).also, there are a few more monsters, like 9, and 3 of those can have 3 different weapons, so there are actually quite alot of monsters.Wouldn’t make people not play this game, it’s a very enjoyable, although small, game.


lol. Utter crap :DI will download it (not steam) :P:P


I thought dynamic difficulty thing will turn out to be crap. who needs it really… :unsure:

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