Should Developer Commentary be allowed?


As far as I can tell, the rules say nothing against using developer commentary mode. The only advantage we have when in developer commentary mode is godmode (kinda). We can be hurt by goo and fall damage, but are invincible to orbs and NPCs. The only use for this in Portal is orb protection. For those who constantly get bullied by orbs, you can use a commentary node to become invincible to them. I’m not really familiar with EP1 and EP2, but there could be use for this somewhere. Unfortunately, there is no developer commentary mode for HL2.
The only thing this adds is the elimination of the possibility of being hit by an orb and it says nothing about this in the rules, but if I were to start using this I would feel more comfortable with a confirmation.


Do NOT do a run with Developer Commentary mode. I hope nobody has done this so far, but I just found out that it will load the map with “sv_cheats 1” enabled.

If you do a run with developer commentary mode, nobody will take you seriously and you probably won’t be able to put it on

Sorry for suggesting this idea in the first place, I had no idea it would spawn the player with sv_cheats.


If it’s a scripted run, could you “alias sv_cheats”? :stuck_out_tongue:
(not entirely serious, don’t worry)

EDIT: actually, come to think of it, if the game puts on sv_cheats without the player doing anything, surely that’s a bug and can be exploited :o (I still don’t expect this to be taken seriously. In fact I’ll stop now).