Sharing Sourceruns

I personally think those forums are awesome, tons of great members all very nice to each other, having pro gaming and casual running (most of the casual is mine D=)
I think we should share sourceruns to other websites, just as facebook and any other social networking website you guys know, and I think the soureruns twitter should be used more, only 2 tweets D=.
Does any admin wants to make an official sourceruns page on facebook or anywhere else?

I disagree. I want this forum to remain the way it is, with a rather small community.

I prefer a site where I know everyone to one with hundreds of random people spamming 24/7.

That’s not what I meant, I Love this website and the small community, but by making a FB page or using the tweeter more often you could get more views to videos by sourceruns or particular runners (since most members post runs on their own channel so the sourceruns channel doesnt have much videos)

Not really much to tweet about. There’s not really much runs coming out. Can’t tweet about the on-going runs because I either don’t know what’s up or because we decided to do it underground. Could maybe tweet about the various hl1 runs that you and that Playstation guy pump out lately.

I understand what you mean.
Me and Frizzio are making small casual runs lately, he does cause he likes to do that I guess, and the most I upload are better version of his runs XD
no need to tweet the world about those, they arent worth it. My 100% will probably be nice tough, but yet it’s far from completed, just started so your right, let’s stick with those forums :wink:

Speaking about runs: Mission Improbable is almost done. Me, Darkevil and Gocnak are also working on Precursor run (which is on Phase 2 already).

Also, I totally agree with igge’s opinion.

Exactly my thoughts, hence why they were not tweeted about.

I noticed. Will tweet about them as soon as they’re done. Unless you want to announce them via Tweet or whatever.

Just tell me if you want me to tweet about something and I will try and compose a fancy tweet. In fact, I gave some of you the password, not sure if you remembered it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not the creative mind to compose tweets myself so that’s why I don’t tweet a lot (not on my own twitter either) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say Facebook goes a bit too far as it’s a little more complex than Twitter. Igge is right, we should only have people here who really care about SourceRuns.

On a side note: Still waiting for the main site to be up :stuck_out_tongue:

Igge said it.

This. Once we get the main site and some runs completed, I say that’s when we start spreading, if we ever decide to.


Yeah, that…


ok people, I dont know if you guys have a facebook account but I just made a sourceruns page if any of you wants to be admin I will add you since I am just a beginner on this site, all of you deserve at least admin since I have it. Feel free to post what you would not mind posting to the public. Just ask me here to add you as admin since I have no idea how to find your facebook profiles.

Cool, I might have a vector of the site logo somewhere to use as the group picture… Somewhere

I already added the sourceruns logo, but saving it as a .png made it over a white background, which kinda made it feel different, if anyone got it over same background as up there, it would be better

well, you don’t have to, but you hvae to in order to be admin :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that is why I was thinking just the logo part, without the text

Makes me wonder where I got the Twitter logo from. Can’t recall it :o

As long as this doesn’t go too public I think it could be a good idea.

Sign me up for admin btw, I’m Emil Smedius.