Seperating Half-Life 2 OE and Half-Life 2 NE on the wiki?


So, as I said in my introduction post, I’ve been running hl2 for roughly two years. The SourceRuns Wiki was a key part in my learning the routes and get anything resembling a decent time. Since then, many new strats have been discovered. I’ve been meaning for a month or two to look through the entirety of the Half-Life 2 Wiki and see what needs updating, but I’ve only just began to do that today. Problem is, the Half-Life 2 Wiki is a mess and really needs a full overhall. One of the many issues I have is that, few glitches from OE cross over into NE, yet they are all in the same category, which can be confusing, especially to new runners… So, my proposal is that we make two subcategories of Half-Life 2, NE and OE and file the tricks under appropriately. That way the version-dependent tricks would not be confused, but things related to the whole game in general (i.e. the differences in versions post, the list of speedruns post, or the Source Unpack Post.) could simply be pages under the main HL2 post. Then when we have the wiki organized reasonably, we can start working as a community on updating the HL2 wiki. Thoughts?


I started fixing a wiki a couple days ago but I’m progressing slowly. My top priority is fixing the images at the moments but I will try to update the pages with current information after that. For OE you should replicate Done Quicker for OE save warp you should check out centaur1um’s WR on and for new engine strats check out the routes chilli_n_such is using.


The wiki is a huge mess which, unfortunately, seems to be too big to handle. We have tried a couple of times to clean it up, but no one really wants to deal with it anymore so it’s left to die at this point. It still has some valuable info on it, but I believe a lot of it needs to go.

The best way to “save it” in my opinion would be to delete all the map/route articles, as well as a majority of guides (mostly those regarding rules, categories), because such content gets outdated really quickly; it does not make much sense to store it (just watch the latest WR if you want to learn the routes).

The wiki should only store information about the glitches with a brief “how-to”, and some other static content, that doesn’t really get outdated or “old”. In other words, make it a glitch/trick knowledge base, but nothing more, otherwise it’s impossible to keep everything up to date.