Segmented speedrun rules


Searching through SourceRuns, I’ve been trying to look for a complete list of rules for segmented speedruns, but I can only find rule changes or links to an apparently deleted wiki page. Does anyone know where I can find the full list of rules, or all of these existing rules?


Well basically just don’t cheat and that’s it. Follow common sense about what is allowed and what not but if you are really not sure ask it on discord or here.


Thanks for the help. More specifically I was wondering that if say, in a segmented speedrun, Speedrunner A does some segments but then for a difficult segment they pass a section over to Speedrunner B, if B tries to continue from that save and screws it up, but then records another demo from that same save and does it great, is that allowed?/Does the first attempt have to be shown or count as part of the speedrun?


Yes that’s allowed. The point of a segmented speedrun is that you can redo segments as much as you want until you’re happy with the result.


Yes definetely as PJC said. I would add that when making a segmented run you should know what you are getting yourselves into. A segmented run which is upto the standards of sourceruns is really hard to achieve because it takes several years to make so I would suggest either planning how much time you spend on each section or picking a short mod but if you are really dedicated as some of us are :slight_smile: then go ahead. Good luck! :slight_smile: