Segmented run advice


I am about to start my own HL1 project and I have a few questions before I start the grind. I don’t want to get halfway through just to realize I should of been doing something differently the whole time.

I have been playing/running Half-Life for years but have only done so for fun and I have not made anything public besides some short video tests. I have experience with making runs/video in Source but GoldSrc is very different.

If anyone could answer these questions I would be grateful.

  1. What client would be best to make a segmented run? Currently I am using NGHL.
  2. What method should I use to record/stop demos? Currently using auto-record in NGHL
  3. How should I save? Is there a special bind I should use or is “save savename” the proper way to go? I want to make sure the project is timed properly but also want to try my best to make the transitions as smooth as possible for the video.
  4. Is it possible to pause/save during a loading screen like in the Source engine?
  5. Are there graphics settings that are locked into demos? In Source the fov is recorded with the demo and I don’t want any nasty surprises like that.
  6. How do I handle the segments that require NPCs to open doors? If you save/load Barney loses his keys and can’t open the door. How can I load the start of the map to make sure the doors can be opened?
  7. Any other piece of advice?

I don’t want to give out any specific details about the run but it will be segmented, mostly 250fps, and use a jump script but not use any others like duck roll. The run will not be challenging any world records and is just something I am working on for fun.


I’m very interested to see what answers you’ll get. I started the same kind of “not world record but for fun” segmented run a few months ago, ans making a topic like this one might have saved me from starting over a couple times.

From my experience, everything hud-related (like speedmeter or yaw/pitch) can be removed when playing back the demo, but in-game stuff (like bxt_show_triggers 1) will stay, so you have to make sur it’s off.

As for the opening doors stuff, it only works if you go in the map by map transition, and not by loading a save already in it. This means that every npc trick will require you to do the entire playthrough from the last map transition to the door opening in a single segment. Sometimes, like we’ve got hostiles, this is easy. But the infinite health door segment will be hard because it’s super long.

As for save loads, those are pretty random I think. Most actions you do during them will be delayed until the end of the load. But some actions will sometimes straight off crash the game or send you straight to menu. Having a too low fps_max (10-15) will usually throw you to the manu on any and all loading screens, at least it does that in my case.

I’m looking forward to the answers to your other questions


Thank you for your response Kaito.

The reason I was worried about the npc doors is because the demos stop recording during level transitions so I was looking for a way to record them/save during the level loads on other maps that let you save and load.


Dump of thoughts:

You generally want to segment on level transitions, so demo recording stops being an issue.

Don’t use the rofi client DLL that comes with NGHL.

Use BunnymodXT with its bxt_autopause, bxt_autojump and other stuff.

Here is a config I used for segmenting for the Residual Life run we did, you can find some useful aliases there:


Thank you YaLTeR everything is working perfectly now.