SDA's 10 year anniversary front page article


So, apparently SDA just turned 10 years old and that’s pretty neat to celebrate I guess. Think what you want about SDA but they have had a pretty huge impact on the speedrunning community and in my opinion they host great marathons.

However, to celebrate this event they had an article posted on the front page (where they usually just have updates about the site and where they feature new (in fact pretty damn old) runs written by LLCoolDave. Skimming through the article I stopped and read through the last part of it, I think you’ll understand why:

[tt] Contrast this with one of the runs I am well known for showing a dislike to: the Half-Life Half-Hour run from a couple of years ago. Disregarding the issue of using scripts that are no longer allowed on SDA and mostly disliked in the community as a whole the run is also very heavily segmented. The average length of a segment is less than 10 seconds, and probably considerably less once you factor out the parts where nothing much happens at all. And where there is action, it is chopped up in chunks so small that there is no room for any aspects of the runner to sip through. The entire product is shaped by the merciless dictation of objectively being the fastest possible run and as a result feels very much lifeless to me. In a sense, it doesn't much matter who ultimately ended up recording the segments on that particular route because you would be hard pressed to tell the difference anyway. That's the curious curse of the speedrunner: The better a run becomes objectively, the less important the artist himself seems to be. This is part of the reason why I think streaming became so popular, in both the producing and consuming parts of the community. The live performance of a speedrun allows more room for the run to be personal and gives a better canvas for transmitting the contrast of experiences and emotions I consider so important for the enjoyment of a run from a runner to their audience, and via immediate chat feedback there's also a path in the other direction.

So this is the thought I want to leave you with today: A faster time doesn’t always make for a better speedrun.[/tt]

Since the front page articles are few and rare, I would believe that they’re read by a huge number of people visiting SDA’s website. I think this article clearly gives our runs and our community a great big middle finger and telling us that what we do is lifeless and we as runners aren’t as important as other runners.

Obviously I’m fine with LLCoolDave disliking “heavily” segmented runs. I met him at AGDQ and he was a pretty nice guy, he’s allowed to have is own opinions. What I don’t think is fine is that since this is featured on the front page of SDA and must have gone through the SDA administration in order to get posted, it means that they’re affiliated with what’s on there, thus agreeing with and promoting this view on our (I know he referred to Spider-Waffle’s run specifically but obviously what we do is pretty much the exact same thing) runs and us as runners.

To summarize: I just think this really sucks but I don’t know whether I’m overreacting or not. Does anyone else agree with me?


B… B… But I messed around with the flashlight in DWaHMoV 155 :’( How is that lifeless

In seriousness; I have stopped disregarding most of SDA for this reason way many units of time ago.


This frustrates me also. Segmented running IS an art. It’s completely different to single-segment runs. One is about construction, the other is about endurance and performance.

The most ignorant part is when he says ‘the average length of a segment is less than 10 seconds’. Completely exaggerated and making fun of the whole concept.

I have no idea how this made it through SDA’s administration.

To be honest I don’t really follow SDA anymore, a lot of the members seems elitist or ignorant to me and it seems as if a lot of their runs are outdated nowadays.


I never liked SDA. Why bunnyhop in HL1 ok-ish, when you can do it PERFECTLY with an extra few lines of code at 250 FPS. Yeah, D4rw1n I would feel the same way had someone said something like that about something that I did. Just do what Cave Johnson did, and get MAD and burn someone’s house down with lemons. Plus SS runs are cool and all but just like PJC said,

In my opinion, segmented running is and will always be better than SS runs because of how much more impressive they are and praying for and getting that random 1/1000 of a chance glitch and watching it, just makes people go, Wow, THATS cool.

I’ll probably think this is a dumb sounding post in 2 days or so but yeah, screw him for thinking that faster runs could make worse runs. Portal done Por (Predominately Overly Ridiculous) and DWaHMoV all the way!


As long as he doesn’t explicitly defame SourceRuns’ image, he can have whatever opinion he wants. I think his point are extremely redundant to me, as everyone has their own views on speedruns, but he’s this close to hitting home with us just by mentioning Spider-Waffle’s run. It’s not his opinions I even remotely care about, it’s his influence on a large front that might contain really impressionable people, and as soon as a crowd follows his points, it’s the new ‘in’ thing to hate segmented runs.

It’s a bit paranoid, but it’s not impossible. Other than that, whatever.


He’s from the older generation of speedrunners, half of them don’t event consider segmented runs proper speedruns, never mind such heavy segmentation. Anyway, that was him posting his thoughts on the current state of speed running, and I see nothing wrong with that opinion. I don’t think SDA endorse it by having it posted, although they’re fine to have that view anyway given the save penalty they use.

I honestly don’t mind what he said. It won’t affect us, there are LOADS of people super excited for hl21, a post about not caring for that kind of run won’t affect anyone’s view in any meaningful way. People will watch our runs if they were going to, they’ll like them if they were going to, and they’ll dislike them if they were already going to dislike them.


Why even mention things you dislike on the grand front page, and even expose a specific run you especially dislike. Pretty poor.


Can’t stress this enough.

And yeah, quad and Centaur1um said it. I just think it’s unnecessary to feature even the slightest sign of disliking a specific run on the freaking front page of SDA itself, and bit of a slander against segmented runs in general.

If SourceRuns was as big and influential as SDA and we had a similar front page for people to (almost never) post articles to, I’m positive that both me and Centaur1um would’ve stopped an article coming in that said something like “and I’m known for disliking Cosmo’s OoT SS run, it’s just lifeless to me bla bla…”.


I wonder how Spider-Waffle feels about this.


I like SDA, but it does feel a little out of place to demean a rather broad sub-section of the speedrunning community on the 10th anniversary of the largest speedrunning community’s site.

I mean, it is just the author’s personal ‘journey’ and sequence of opinions on speedrunning which I think made an interesting read. If they got a different speedrunner to write a blog post each month on what they thought of speedrunning across X number of years, it would make a very interesting series.

But as a celebration of a ten year milestone, to specifically call out a speedrun and a ‘genre’ of speedrunning sort of puts a dampener on the festivities. It seems a little hypocritical to say “Strive to challenge yourself with your speedrunning goals, not others.” after putting down a particular type of goal.


Maybe on SourceRuns’ 5-year anniversary (which is this July!), we should make a list of everyone we don’t like within Source game speedrunning. I mean, it’s not like we’re not known for doing that already with Portal 2 runners. I mean hell, Nooch publicly stated that the community doesn’t like, so I can’t particularly say we’re innocent when it comes to defamatory comments, even if that was years ago.

Yeah, but not really. However, I completely agree with Inexistence’s point. His opinion and what he wants to post is his business, but I just don’t think it’s cool that they’re calling SW’s run out, as it’s a Valve game, and connected to everything else on this site. If he left out the words “half-life half-hour”, I wouldn’t give a remote fuck about any of this.

However, as of now, it’s not even something to discuss imho. It’s not like we’re getting a clusterfuckton of people coming on our videos leaving nothing but hate-comments.


You can tell it’s 10 years old lol


Didn’t SDA have it’s 15th aniversary last year? They’re worse with numbers than the Resident Evil series


Accrding to the FAQ

*Who runs SDA?* The main man behind SDA is Nolan 'Radix' Pflug. He founded SDA in April 1998 with the merger of two Quake sites, then expanded it with his Metroid Prime 100% 1:37 run in November of 2003, and opened it to all games in March 2004.

Two different anniversaries for two different events.