yo you guys gonna add the 1 1/2 hour run to speed demos archive and blow marshmallow (david gibbons) out davids run demos archive

He’s just giving us a suggestion, I don’t think he knew we talked about it elsewhere.Yes we’re planning on submitting, just as soon as somebody who knows how gets around to doing that…

I talked to Radix the other day. Apparently his main concerns are in getting the video in a format he likes: IE Divx 600 kbps with mp3 audio, scaled down.

Can you go ahead and take care of that? I’d love to see this run up on SDA, randomengy you seem the best man for the job as far as submitting it or reworking the video goes. :smiley:

ya. /cracks whip

So is the run in the process of getting on SDA? What’s the progress so far?

We are officially on sda :slight_smile:


:wink: Bravo!

I see our time on there, but when I click it, it goes to Marshmallow’s page?Also, I thought SDA added .5s for every non-traditional segment, but the link that didn’t work said 1:36:57. for me.Best time: 1:36:57 by Half-Life done Quick 2 team on 08.03.06 in 144 segments. File details: 84.2 MB / 165 MB / 458 MB / 1.51 GB / 3.56 GB size (demos / low / normal / high / insane quality), low/normal requires DivX codec, high/insane requires an h.264 codec.

Yeah, it’s fine for me also. I think they should change the number of segments to 88, though.

“Half-Life done Quick 2 team”:lol: I wonder if they’re going to change that.

Oh, boy! I’m glad so much =).

WOW! We’re on the SDA! :lol: We made it guys, we made it! Very cool stuff, and also servers! :slight_smile: