Do people still mostly use scripts when doing HL2 speed runs? Now that there are runs that don’t use scripts, how come there isn’t a HL2 run listed on Speed Demos Archive?


There are scrpited runs and scriptless but people do most scriptless because scirpted ones dont count for SDA


Runs with scripts aren’t generally encouraged in RTA runs, mostly due to competitive rules here. But for segmented runs really anything goes.

The fact that SDA didn’t allow scripts in runs is partially why Sourceruns even exists.


In segmented runs yes. In RTA it depends on the runner.


If you want scripted RTA to be a thing, make it a thing. Put a category for it on so anyone who wants to run scripted can submit. Anything else than that will not happen any time soon. Non-scripted will not go away so I see no reason why not to just add a category for scripts.

This applies to Goldsrc as well.


Yeah, we’re not looking to replace non-scripted runs. I suppose we should just make the scripted category already instead of just talking about it (pj >:( )


Word. This is what I did with my HL2 OE runs. It was just more fun.
The whole having scripted runs in like actual leaderboards where people compete is another thing tho. You usually end up talking about how you could basically TAS the game and submit a run. does have the “misc” category so if ppl actually start running scripted I can’t see a reason why it would not be put there or maybe somewhere else since competition makes stuff more fun (most of the time).

It’s just another way of running the game. Have fun!


It’s not a “fad that came out of nowhere”, it’s just the most default, vanilla, non-arbitrary way of running the game, and this applies to literally any other game out there when it comes to modern speedrunning.

I do agree with you though that there is a negative stigma around script usage that’s pretty immature and narrow-minded, but the majority of SS/RTA runners tend to not be very well educated on the subject (nor is it necessary for them to be) so you kind of have to expect it with the way things are at the moment. That being said, nobody is actually stopping you from using scripts in your runs.

On the idea of creating a competitive “scripted” category, what’s the goal? Do you want limitations on what can be used or not? If not, then why not shortcut the process and allow external tools as well so that creating a fully automated run is a whole lot less tedious? If you want limitations, then where are you going to draw the line? What will be the reason for drawing the line where you do? In this case, why would you call the category “scripted” when it’s clearly not 100% scripted? These are all things you need to think about before creating said category.


It’d be generally the same rules as segmented runs, but we’d 100% disallow any automation of any kind, as that’s not what any of us want. For me, at least, I just want to be able to use the tools in SPT, like pause or autojump, or AHK (for clipping), then nothing more. The allowed console commands can be discussed by those interested, but as far as I know, not a single one of us would support any kind of automated run; we just want our spam tools/scripts.


What *are *the rules in segmented runs though?

If we talk about automation as a whole, not even scriptless runs are truly non-automated as scroll wheels are technically automation as opposed to manually pressing the jump key for example, so a “scripted” category in any form is going to have some levels of automation, even if it’s as simple as allowing autojump. I’m guessing you mean more specifically automated mouse movement though, which I guess could be a good place to draw the line at, but going back to the subject of rules in segmented runs, didn’t EP2DQ use some sort of 180° turn script for backwards circlejumping? I feel like when it comes to automation (scripts, tools, macros etc) there needs to be a level of consistency between categories, otherwise it all becomes a bit of an arbitrary mess.


The backwards circlejump script doesn’t affect mouse movement, it only uses various +/- commands.


First off, I’m only concerned with old engine right now, as it’s directly affected by not having a scripted category, and it’s all I know/care about. But yeah, I was talking about mouse or key automation. As far as scripts relatable to the 180 script, I don’t think there’s too much like that in HL2 already, but we’ll see what everyone thinks once the conversation starts. I personally would like stuff like that to be allowed, but to draw the line when it starts to look like a TAS. Since segmented runs are pretty much free-game, there will have to be more restrictions towards unfair console commands than anything else, which will then restrict what kind of scripts you can write. But first and foremost, those interested in the category, and who it’d directly be affecting, should first voice what they want to get out of this before we start setting rules and restrictions right away.

For me, I just want to be able to use all of our new techniques from dqer in real-time runs. Sure, it won’t be the most fun thing to watch live, but that’s our choice. Most of this stuff can only be done with SPT, mainly because of how different pause is in OE than NE, and doing it scriptless vs. scripted has a difference in time by 45-50 minutes. Mainly though, I don’t want to put a huge amount of restrictions on people who want to focus heavily on best possible time, scripts included. There’s obvious things we need to hammer out, yes, but I don’t want it to be as restricted as scriptless is.