right board this time
if you have NO idea what im talking about I mean,
should we use demos for saveload segments
or screenshots


You might want to explain a bit more about the poll. Screenshots vs demos in what regard…?


Related to Half-Life 2 DQer discussion in the chat.

Using screenshots vs demos for saveload buffer segments in the final render.


We’re trying to figure out what the best method of rendering save-load clip segments should be, we jpegs would be easier, but they might look different and the demos are harder to use because they can often contain blank/broken frames, but will be more convenient for the public to use when/if we’ll release them.


Seems pretty pointless to vote on the method if there’s no comparison video or anything between the two. The place where it really makes a difference is OoB because you fall freely there in OE. And since there’s a bunch of glitch frames at the start of every demo, the usable frames do not accurately represent where you were in the segment. There’s a similar situation in the ep2 run and using screenshots made the render look a lot better.