Hey Guys. I want to make a HL2 Episode Two Speedrun Team.pls Reply when you are interestedEdit: Lol i wrote how, Correct. Who wants to make an HL2 E2 Run


I know I’m not the most experienced speed-runner ever, but I would definitely dedicate myself to this if we could get it going. I’m slightly concerned about how fast we could make this thing go, however, since we’re stuck with Alyx or Cecil for just about the whole game.


ok. Whats your Plan




Well this isn’t awkward.


I could make a comeback to be on this list… I did seem to be the ONLY person to make a route for a number of years for this game. Honestly, EP2 > EP1 IMO. It was alot more fun for me.


As far as I know we are going to start an EP2 run the next month, aren’t we? :smiley:


You definitely deserve it. A lot of what you found will end up being in the Ep2 run. :slight_smile:


I am so looking forward to that run.


Am I wanted to lead it again, or should we elect a new leader?


We should definitely have another election. I vote Josh. I think he’s going to win. :smiley:


I vote josh


I vote Josh, too, and count me in for the runners team!


So, like, should I be involved in this this time? I don’t know how well you guys know the ins and outs of Ep2, but there are a ton of events that are trigger based, especially ones where you need Alyx with you. Some of them you can skip, and some you can’t. If I rewatch my speedrun route, I can explain the reasons I did certain things as we move along with the project. Do note, for this run, you’ll really have to plan ahead of yourself because in certain situations if you didn’t do something on a previous map, the triggers on the next map will not work. There are also items that are advantages from previous areas that we want to keep around (namely SPD’ed pickaxe and such). I’ve just started a new job at a security company doing automated test software development (writing C++ automated test systems using video forensics code), so I’m gonna still be busy with that and I have a girlfriend now too. So, alot of my time is eaten up. Please get ahold of me through email ( if I’m not responding on here.

Do note, for this run, you'll really have to plan ahead of yourself because in certain situations if you didn't do something on a previous map, the triggers on the next map will not work.

I’m guessing this is the reason why you didn’t skip the whole advisor sequence in outland_07 and didn’t just ABH over the fence immediately?


I have a new skip where you can just go around the trigger that makes you stop because Alyx isn’t with you. You can go straight over the fence now and still be able to progress. I have another skip but it has a lot of errors.


Yes. If you don’t trigger Alyx in the advisor room, she doesn’t appear in the next map when the map loads. You need her to get past an area in there that, as far as I could tell, is completely surrounded by a trigger that makes you restart from your last save if you don’t have her with you. Also, this is the same reason that I had to go outside the normal train-car area (over the fence, when I am ABHing through the 2D trees) because that also has a trigger that will make you load from the last save if Alyx isn’t with you. Getting around those triggers was terribly annoying.


I do it without the car and Alyx because you can. :wink:

Interesting to optimize.


Hmm. For me, if I didn’t have Alyx with me when I passed over that disguarded pieces of metal ramp thing, after you land on the ground from wallclimbing, it would cause me to load from an earlier area if Alyx wasn’t with me. I think the problem is that I went too far in the level… I guess. I think it needs more testing, because then you can skip the whole advisor seen. Awesome work!


Yeah… that’s because when you hit the trigger there is a delay in when it stops you. If you watch the demo again with show_triggers on then you can see what I’m trying to get around. It’s possible to do all of what I did without using that crate as well as long as you get lucky with collision boosts and have a good feeling for where the trigger is.