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First off, i just wanna say congratulations again.i’ve read some of the posts on other forums. all i have to say about those is f*** the haters. what you guys do … err, have done … truly takes skill. your speed run is definitely legit.i’ve followed this project since phase 1 and i tried running a couple maps. in no way was i even close to capable of what you guys can do, and i consider myself a pretty skilled gamer. i’ve pretty much beat most of the FPS games on hard (FEAR, HL2, CoD). and still am i nowhere near the level of play u guys perform.anyways, the reason for this topic is that i’ve been wondering since the beginning who the hell you guys are. Age? Hometown? School? Ethnicity? Gaming history? etc.The reason for my curiosity is that the tricks you guys have discovered and the skill level of your play have to come from imaginitive minds.again, congratulations. killer shit.

Age: 17Hometown: Somewhere Near WalesJob: UnemployedGaming History: Woo! Fun question. In order of when it happened.DoomDoom 2Quake 1Quake 3Quake 2Half-LifeTeam Fortress ClassicCounter-StrikeQuake 3 FortressQuake 3 Defrag (I still play this)Enemy Territory FortressWolfenstien: Enemy TerritoryCounter-Strike: SourceDoom 3Half-Life 2Battle Field 2Quake 3 Rocket Arena (Still play this)Quake 4World of Warcraft (Still play this too):slight_smile:

That’s kind of a… detailed question to ask. I’ll give it my best shot:Age: 21Hometown: New Jersey (no more for you, you stalker you :P)School: Shawnee State UniversityEthnicity: White.Credit Card Number: 0506-0040-8122-4573Gaming History: Played UT99 competitively for awhile (as well as casual CS/CSS anything else that friends were playing at the time). Played HL2, loved the physics. Saw Marshmallow’s 2:15 run, and it immediately appealed to my puzzle solving side, as I saw a number of possible shortcuts and mistakes. Started making my own run, but found out about HL2DQ and decided to join forces.

Name: Daniel LundgrenAge: 26Hometown: Linköping, SwedenOccupation: Student (Computer Science)Gaming History: The pre-PC days:Pong (Yup, I actually started here)Arcade Gamesc64Nintendo 8-bitAmiga 1200PC gaming (only mentioning the serious stuff)* quake1 (never in a clan, only FFA, made a trickjump movie)* quake2ctf, clan Quadaholics (ranked 5th in scandinavia as best)* Quake3 Rocket Arena, The Donald Duck Clan (finished third in the open swedish tournament where most good teams participated)* Quake3, some random small clans that played TDM and Threewave but It never got serious. I play some occational Defrag.* Enemy Territory, played in Lost Angels/SnapS (biggest achivement was to beat a top5 clanbase team in a practice game), did some tricking aswell and was the first to discover some good tricks. Apart from that I made a couple of maps for the quake3 mod DeFrag .

Well i only had a single run, but i will tell you some stuff…Name: AndrewAge: 20Job: Got laid off, so unemployed for the passed month or so… used to do data entry.Education: 2 years of community college (I’m poor :frowning: ), plan to transfer to a 4 year university in 2007.Gaming history: Pretty much console gamer all my life until 1998 or so. RPGs and such. My friend got me into diablo 2 and I played that religiously. My dad randomly bought me Half-Life for my birthday that year I think, and I had never heard of it. I loved it, but I never played it, or CS, online because I could never get WON to work and I was on 56k. Then in about 2002 I got DSL and got steam and started playing CSRight now I play a few games on and off, which include:HL2DM (not lately)CSS, mostly for surfing maps.DoD:Ssometimes CS 1.6 if i want to play some specific custom maps that aren’t in sourceI play DoD:S a lot lately, so hit me up on xfire if anyone else plays! The name is Chomp404

Who am I? I’m the guy who played so hard during phase 1 I didn’t have the patience for phase 2. But actually, I’m a heavy drinker who loves music and cars. Games aren’t really my priority anymore. I’m going to school to get my MBA so I can make a boatload of money and retire. I like asian girls. haha.Name: RobbieSchool: Seattle UniversityHometown: Err… the Seattle area mostly.Age: 21Occupation: Car Audio Sales @ Circuit City / Business StudentHobbies: Alcohol, Music, GuitarGaming: I’m old school man.Doom 1/2/3,Quake 1/2/3/4,HL1/2,Wolf 3D,TFC,Counterstrike (Back in the Beta 3-4-5-6 days). I also dabbled in Starcraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft, but NOT WoW. Console shit too, like Metal Gear Solid 1/2/3, Final Fantasy 6/7/8/9/10/10-2/11, etc. Sadly, I don’t really have time for games anymore.Props to all you guys who stuck with the project through phase 2, I’m proud of ya.

dont have much time so:England17HL1/2BF2WoWTFCLX, did you play tfc seriously at all?

Yeah I actually played in a few clans back in the day. TFC was where I went when CS turned crappy around official release. Oh, and after that, I got into NS too. That game was so fun.

yeah, I played CS as well (although didnt everyone) played NS once, never got into it though didnt have a clue what was going on.

I played NS to - the gameplay appealed to me - but then steam came … :wink:

QUOTE (LightningX @ Mar 28 2006, 09:41 PM)Hobbies: Alcohol, Music, GuitarSounds good :slight_smile: Info about me:Name: DanielAge: 19Location: Outside of Gothenburg, SwedenOccupation: Currently a student…Hobbies: Music, Keyboard (the instrument), TV, Gaming, Speed-runs, Movies (I love ém!)Games:I started quite late but I’ve played most of them:HL seriesDoom series (not a big fan though)Quake 2 (Q2-MP is great!)Max Payne 1/2 (great games!)(and lots of other games obviously)I’ll finish of with a shocker: I’ve never played CS/CSS against a human being! :unsure:

get ur ass togheter o40 (aka space) get ur ass back to #suddendeath /Sassaur homie from madflawa :wink:

Name: DanielAge: 14Location: Mönchengladbach, GermanyHobbies: Speedruns, Gaming, Music, going out with frinds :)Gaming History:Much console (Nintendo, Playstation), i played games like Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong :D. Then on my first PC i started playing Halflife, HL Blueshift, HL Op4, Jedi Knight 2, then Jedi Knight 3. Later hl2:) and now Rainbow Six Lockdown, F.E.A.R, Quake 4, halflife and HL AG online

Name: GordonAge: 15Location: Sydney, AustraliaHobbies: Basketball and Computers are pretty much my whole life :|Gaming History: I didn’t play much of anything. First fps I played would have to be Tactical-Ops. I’ve played a few single player games like SOF2, FC and D3. I only played hl1 around 3 months before HL2. I am playing through hl1 again now, and I love it. Its a much better game that HL2, just more fun TBH.Right now im just playing HL1 and HL2: DM/Pro.I recently played Q3: A CPMA. I am hooked on it. Been playing it for about 6 months maybe. But I usually play 1 match on average every week.Also, first game would have to be one of the Sonics or something on my Mega Drive. I really like Mortal Kombat+Sonics for the MD… Timeless classics.

Quite interesting…i live in Sydney Australia, Castle Hill > *

Cool. Do you play HL2: DM? Whats your alias? You should come to the next sgl. I am trying to get some hl2dm players to come, might have a little comp :slight_smile: