run request: HL2 console codes (noclip)


I just posted this at SDA, but I don’t know if you guys visit there often.

I have a big favor to ask anyone:
Will you please record a HL2 run using any ‘console’ codes that will let you beat the game fastest, I’m thinking using noclip to each loading section (and maybe ‘host_timescale #’ would help).
If you upload a video of it I’d love to see it.

Thank you very much.


What would be the point of using cheats to get through the game in 5 mins? :confused:

You may as well just use “map d3_breen_01” and finish the final level


This seems pretty pointless…but of course I’m one to talk with the whole TAS HL2 run typical logic and I were planning :stuck_out_tongue: But still, a noclip’d run wouldn’t really be fun to watch, nor make.


Thanks for the feedback.

@Cameron, yes you could skip to the end but I really like OoB tricks so this run would be full of that and super fast.

I’d still really appreciate it if someone uploaded even a first attempt run.
And if you don’t want to record it could you give me a quick text guide on the best way to do it (so I can try it out when I find a friend that has the game), for example:

  1. new game
  2. open command: host_timescale # (put highest number to skip through scenes fast and move fast in noclip?)
  3. open command: bind X “noclip” (to turn it on and off at each load point?)
  4. fly to each load point ?


I don’t think you understand how it works. It wouldn’t have any tricks, there would be nothing apart from a direct line from start to finish. Noclip flies you through walls and everything, there would be no point to the run at all.


Hmmmmmm nyah. I would understand if you wanted us to do a run where we abused damage boosting through the use of the console or something like that as it would have a quake-esque feel to it. Combined with sv_accelerate changes it would probably look pretty cool but running the entire HL2 and the effort makes me want to turn away from the whole concept.

I’ll just wait for Blamod. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, Cameron just found the biggest sequence-break ever in speedrunning history with his “map d3_breen_01” trick :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if dap means that you play the game through like it’s supposed to be played but you’re using noclip? Basically using the fastest way means to transportation (noclip) but not going through the walls. If he doesn’t mean that then I really don’t understand his reasons for wanting to see a noclip-run. Like Inex said:“Noclip flies you through walls and everything, there would be no point to the run at all.”


rofl, this one is also good:




You’re right I don’t understand very well how it would work, that is why I want to see it or read a little text tut.

I know it wouldn’t have tricks, but think if you could do a noclip-type-glitch in a game you wanted to run - you would use that glitch and go straight to where you need to go right? Then of course there would be another run without that glitch, but for speedrunners like us, if there is a way to do something faster within the game they’ll do it.
I do like level-skip tricks, but maybe I like OoB better because I really do want to see someone literally fly through all the HL2 levels.

I hope that helps you understand why I want to see this, and if you don’t want to try it would you please give me a quick tutorial like I gave an example of before, that’d be so great.
Thank you very much for all the feedback guys.


Hahaha… that’s pretty much the way I considered Cameron’s “sequence break” as well :slight_smile:

Well if you’d want to make a noclip-run then you’d only need a couple of simple commands really.

Bind x “record noclip” - you record a demo called “noclip” when you press x.
Bind y “save noclip; stop” - you stop the demo and create a save called “noclip” (this is what you press after you’ve cleared a level.
Bind z “showtrigger_toggle” - “showtrigger_toggle” shows you all the triggers, the only one you should care for is the level-change trigger.
Bind n “sv_cheats 1; noclip” - enables cheats (since noclip is cheat-protected) and also enables noclip.

To create the demos for the run:

  1. As the map is loading, press x to start an recording.
  2. As the level has started quickly press n to activate noclip.
  3. Then fly toward the level-change trigger
  4. As your about to hit the level-change trigger, deactivate noclip by pressing n (otherwise you can’t activate the trigger).
  5. When the next map has loaded press y (this creates a save called "noclip).
  6. To play the next map create this type of bind: Bind o “load noclip” (pressing o loads your save).

Now press o and repeat these 6 steps for each map. To create videos out of your demos there are two ways:

  1. Get Fraps (or a similar software) and play the demo(s) while recording with Fraps.
  2. The second alternative is to use the “startmovie” command which creates a bunch of frames that you put together in a movie-editing software. It’s a bit more complicated but the movie runs at a smooth framerate and looks better (this is how the HL2/HL2EP1 runs were created) - it’s the best choice if your computer is really bad (Fraps, alternative nr 1, needs a quite good computer to record with)

You mentioned host_timescale, which I guess you could use but it’s not really needed. Any way, the lower the value the slower the game-play (standard is 1). You could create a slow-mo bind if you’d like to (bind u "host_timescale 0.5).

I doubt that SDA will host this speedrun… :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, yes.
Thank you so much Dale!
I will tell you my results here after I try it at my friend’s house.