Run Mentions


Will keep a list of places where the run gets posted.

SDA thread
The largest reddit thread is in r/Games, comment threads from other subreddits are here.
Facepunch thread 1, thread 2.
Post on (Translated)

Article on (Translated)
Tweet from Notch
Post by Tom Francis that was shared by Garry Newman
DSOGaming Post
JustPushStart Post
PCGMedia Post
ValveTime Post
Kotaku article, Australian site
Complex Gaming post (Translated)
PC Gamer Article
The Escapist Article
International Business Times Article
Verizon Entertainment Article
Polygon Article
Destructoid Article Article (Translated) Article (Translated) Article (Translated)
Nicovideo Article (Translated)
AddictedGamer Article
Gizmodo Article
RockPaperShotgun Article Post (Translated)