Rules for portal?


So here’s two things that I’m questioning.

1: because technically you’re never out of the map/never see out of the map, could portal done pro’s strat for the companion cube chamber technically be an in bounds strat?

2 (the more significant of the two) would a button bound to the restart command (which just restarts the chamber) be legal for single segment? Because I use it when i’m testing things or practicing strats, but i’ve been afraid to do it when i’m trying to actually do a run because i don’t think it will be legit.


The Portal Done Pro edgeglitch places a portal out of bounds which is not allowed.


Ah. Makes sense.


Okay someone has answered your first question and you are obviously referring to inbounds, but I want to make sure you understand that there is a category (which is run more often and by more people) where placing portals oob is very, very allowed. Second, don’t do single segment. it’s pointless. Third, the restart command not only makes livesplit think you finished the map, causing it to split, but it’s also not allowed in single segment runs. If you do rta, you can load the autosave the game makes at the start of the level with no consequences to livesplit. Which is why I strongly recommend doing rta.


I actually do single segment inbounds. Libesplit doesn’t seem to have issues with it. However I guess that works just as well. I just like having the hotkey.


there is no option for ss on the leaderboards. you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. just fyi


Understood. However, I find single segment more entertaining to do. And I’m going for record.