Rock on guys.


Just wanted to drop in and give you guys some virtual pats on back for all your work. I know internet idiots are thankless and derogatory usually, but I know I represent the countless fans of video game movies that will download and cherish the end vid when you guys are done.Here’s to you all! Keep up the awesomeness, and can’t wait to see it :D(just fyi, i’ve been tracking you guys quietly since the shaolin prod teaser came out) :slight_smile:


Hehe, thanks for the kind words, it’s always good to know you’re being supported in this stuff! :DI’m surprised we even made it this far myself, there were a few moments when we thought the project was doomed. Nice job guys, and thanks for showing your support pachacutec :slight_smile:


thanks for your support :slight_smile: it really motivates me to keep running.


I run for fun, but if people like to watch the work, Im even happier.


I run because I think it will be fun before hand, start running, get annoyed, then keep running coz i want to beat the F*cking map.


Yeah, I have some of that aswell. I want to be better than the map. (and the other runners)


I run because I want to become rich and famous! :smiley: …but that might not happen… :stuck_out_tongue: (Thanks for supporting this run Pachacutec! :slight_smile: )


I’m also always there, checking for news every day !You’re still the best, great work, as usual, and I’d like to thank you for this !Don’t stop astonishing us :smiley:


Yes! I have also been cheering on you from silentness.I know people that doesn’t know about this and would be completly blown away.(Well I have been aswell from that which I have seen so far)so good luck! ganbatte!(a bit japanese geeky haha, but I like that word)



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