Road To The Abyss in 11:54


Done in 90 segments.


You clearly used God mode as you can see at 6:04 and numerous times where you don’t take damage from landing.

But still good job Rama!


The godmode is legit. The damage is supposed to be enabled after a cutscene in the beginning but i skip the cutscene so I stay immortal.


iirc there’s something similar to this in HL2, I think you only take damage after the knockout cutscene or something. I know the done portal run makes use of it.


Well thanks for telling me Rama!


What is this double jumping? o.o


EP2 unpack exclusive.


If you do a standing ABH on flat ground in early versions of new engine, you can get two hops in a row(aka a double jump). Because of ABH this accelerates you very quickly. You’ll see more use of this in just a few days :wink:


2 days to be more precise.