Rexaura Oob Segmented Run


Hey guys !

A few months ago I started a Rexaura oob run :smiley:

I wasn’t really motivated but now it’s holidays.
This mod is really interesting because of its level design which allows for a lot of save glitches and infront of elevator strats!
I am quite alone on this project (fnzzy and thom did a few segments as well)
but I hope it’s good for me to do my own segmented run (in Prelude Inbounds and the Glitchless run i only have like 6 segments in total).

We are playing on a custom version of the game (the dev agree with that) which is the v1.2 mod on unpack using the steampipe maps. v1.2 is just the last mod version that the unpack supports and uses the maps of the steam version because they allow us to skip triggers and still load the next map instead of leaving us in the elevator forever.

Here is the timesheet :

On this timesheet we are comparing against mopi’s gold (he has the rta wr). the estimated time is around 8 minutes.

I did a quick tsa to show the 7 and 8 route :

If you are interested by the project you can join it : add me on steam -> My Oyster


Well then. I’ve actually been considering doing this for a while, but not wanting to post here until I make some progress, but it looks like I’ve beaten to it. :-[ Although it’s cool that you can skip the maps where you need dialogue to advance to the next map; I didn’t know there was a game version that let you do that (I just went ahead and downloaded something like 1.6 IIRC).

Although now I’m curious about how your routes compare to some of my findings. For example, on a couple of maps (at least rex_03, rex_07, rex_08 and rex_17, plus 04 however only on cap with the dialogue so that’s probably not useful), I managed to get in front of elevators, and on 00 I thought about a theoretical clip that could save about a second or so but I don’t know if it’s possible.

Has any of this stuff been done in this new run? If so, well, I uh… well done!

EDIT: wait, did I read this wrong? Is this still being worked on or something?
EDIT 2: WOW I READ THIS SO WRONG!!! I’ll totally join in!
EDIT 3: I have a rex_07 route which I’m sure is faster than that one, involving an SPD from the first room onto the top of the elevator. I’m gonna add you right now. I’ll get round to it in fact
Sorry for being an idiot and totally misreading the OP. Now I’m excited! :smiley:
I’m just gonna stop replying now.

Made this small because I kept adding to it and it got ridiculous


Nice route man, I’m gonna hop in game and try to find something.


ok with mike we did 2 chambers today : 7 in 23 s and OMG 8 in 12.765 s :stuck_out_tongue: (SPD IS LIFE)

mike’ safe word -> cup of tea 8)


i did 9 too : enjoy :smiley:


nice, but whats with the crouch hop at the start?


Not sure to be honest. I’d still like to try 9 with my route to find out which is faster. Although for some reason every time I record that first ABH the demo breaks, so I can’t really be bothered right now.

By the time we go and do all the other chambers I guess we might just do 9 again.

By the way, 7 is incredible :wink: edit: we’ll need to redo it at some point though.


holydays means a lot of free time :smiley: so i did 2 chambers today o/ (rex_02 and rex_03)

actual run’s time is 9:00.145 but i estimate the final time around 8 min 20 s


new update : i redid 03 with an infront strat :smiley: also i improved 9’s last save glicth 8)

current estimate : 8:58.195 :smiley:



My turn to make an update because why not.

We just did 17 and I finally got a segment! :smiley:

19 and 16 are also done and currently we are working on 11. Current time is approximately 8:40 and there’s still a bunch of time to save and stuff to redo. :stuck_out_tongue:


00 is actually looking really good :smiley: (secret strat until the publication) and Bitrain has a guest segment :stuck_out_tongue:

Imanex will have a guest segment too :3 (idk where but he will have one :smiley: )


jukspa did every save/load segments in the run (48+1 elevator) :3

I said :

i estimate the final time around 8 min 20 s

Still 3 maps to do (they are cancer) and we are at 8:12s 8)
(18 save like 13 s :3)

i am hoping for #sub8 :smiley:

Timesheet :


We actually have 4 maps to do but nan0 won’t redo 7 (suits me fine since it means I’ll end up getting most of the segments in that map 8) )




05 is done :smiley:

timesheet :



The run is finished but we have to redo some chambers because new routes :stuck_out_tongue: (07 for the 3rd time, 08 because it’s a part of 07, 15 because abh goes fast, 18 to make 19 shorter)

Current time is 7:47.355 but i hope for sub 7:40 8)

timesheet :


18 and 19 are done !

Btw what is the good timing for a demo when the crosshair desepear on tick 134 : 133 ticks or 134 ?

  1. Since that’s the spot where you loose control.


So why didn’t you do the run in a linear fashion instead of random test chambers?


Isn’t that technically considered not legitimate because they are all different game sessions?