Resolutions for Speedrun


I’m finally done planning out all of my speed run for HL, now it’s time to finish off everything. Does anyone know what resolution Spider-Waffles HL run was? I don’t have very good uploading speed and I want to upload my future video as quick as possible.
I wouldn’t expect someone to know except for him, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d do it in 720p (1280x720), but I do just about everything in that res >_>


I’ll just do it like either one of these. Should be fine.


Use HL1-SR-Test.avi settings


You should record at 1280x720 (I prefer Windowed Mode) and if you use Sony Vegas, select 1280x720 too. That way there will be no black corners in the YouTube window. I would recommend you to use h.264 *.mp4 rendering.


Spiders run was made about 7 years ago, video standards have developed quite a bit since.

1280x720 would be fine. If you use HLAE you can set any resolution you want (If you want 16:9 format, but smaller res.)


Well I don’t see why I shouldn’t record with 720p. I recorded my other ones with that resolution, although it was at 480p for some reason.
Thanks for that solution, eXeC. That’s probably the answer to the getting it up to 720p.
Also thanks, Quadrazid. That’s gonna my run some style!

BTW, how do you make it x264
Though I’m finding the HLAE so complex. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why it’s best is 480p. I guess this topic will have to go further? :
Pretty sure it’s because of youtube, the video is perfect. This is the actual video.


Shows up as 720p for me (processing takes quite a bit longer for HD)


That video is more like it. For 720p I use “Internet 720p” preset in Sony Vegas. You can also render in .wmv, that way you should choose your rendering preset from 4Mbps to 8Mbps (1080p). Not sure which is better - you decide!