Requesting for BUG JUMP SCRIPT!!!

Hi here.Do anyone have a HL1 BUG jump scipt???(see “spiderwaffle” HLdq)thanks. :slight_smile: address :ph43r: (Im a foreigner,ENG is my second language,maybe therere some mistakes in my posts…please… :rolleyes: )

What do you mean bug jump script? Please explain. Where is it shown/used in spiderwaffle’s HLDQ video?

Oh,it says that every jump is longer and faster than last one(seems physical BUG),Please take a look at this you.

and,it says when you are “flying” in “air”,the bug let you jump continually to gain speed in the air,so it`s longer and faster than last jump.Do any body have this script?PS:Please take a look at

Sorry,my English is not good enough.Can you understand it?

I’m not aware of this script. I’ve never experimented/used scripts with HL1.You’re probably better off asking your question at speed demos archive forum.

Thank you.