Representing SourceRuns @ LAN


Josh is sexy.


Post some pictures, faggots.


Josh forget the camera lead so we can’t upload pictures here. :frowning:

You’re going to have to wait until the end.

You gotta come here next year Jared. It’s amazing.


I feel like an idiot for aksing but… What’s LAN?

And don’t say local area network. I’m guessing it’s a gaming competition of sorts but I’ve never heard of it.


in short: bring your pc to a place to game with other people who also brought their pc. (over LAN that is)


If you want more information about the one we’re at you can find it at:


I see. In the Netherlands we usually refer to an instance of the bring-your-computer-over-and-play-games phenomenon as “a LAN”. So I thought this might be the name of a specific one (a crappy name though). But it isn’t.


Where the fuck are those pictures?




Wait, what? You go to a LAN where you most likely have a way better internet connection than you do at home, but you decide *not *to upload files that need uploading while you’re there?


It’s why I don’t like LAN’s, you don’t get a moment of time for yourself.


Of course you do. The toilets, when you’re being rushed while in the cubicle to get out :D. And I forgot the cable for my camera is all.


Oh, c’mon, you’re surrounded by nerds, surely one of them has one.


None of them has cable’s. Your point is invalid.


EDIT: My friend Jull3E’s movie from Dreamhack Winter 2008. Me and also coolkid/madman/igorsson, FELip (the guy who made a HL:Decay map with us) are sitting on the same row. (he rename it every dreamhack to boost his views, lol)


This is why I don’t like Americaland, we only have those stupid console LAN’s. Fuck.


Last LAN I went to had a bunch of kids come along expecting to play MW2 on 360 the entire night. If the 5-hour long game of Age of Empires II (while blasting this) didn’t get them bored, the 4 hours of Minecraft sure did.


Where are the pictures?


put lan pictures on facebook!
[Josh Peaker]
cbaaaa finding cable :frowning:


Find it or I’m not coming next year.