Rendering Half Life One Speedruns


Now before I start I have posted about this before and I’m not trying to spam, if it looks like that I’m sorry, k back to the subject
Now, recently I’ve been trying to render Half life speedruns at 1080p quality without them looking like absolute shit.
so far I have failed
the main problem I have is that it looks very noisy and I cant seem to find any good formats to get rid of said shit (mainly in full screen).
I have tried to do what Arianon did in his speedrun, but it still looked like shit
anyone have any tips/settings/presets/programs/codecs to produce good looking HL speedruns?


I just bind a hotkey to play and stop while I hide the dialogue box and record it with dxtory as it plays, if that’s not the answer you’re looking for you’d best ask Quadrazid.


I don’t see any reason of reencoding the AVI to h264 video, just go with h264 from the beginning. Make sure you always do two-pass encoding, that might solve some problems.


What you describe is just youtube being youtube. If you were to upload lossless footage it would probably look identical to the h264 ~30 mbps footage you uploaded. Ways around this is to upload in 4k (even though no one has a 4k monitor) because of the higher bits per pixel/frame this gives on youtube. Other than that just try to make the footage easier to understand for a computer. Slow motion, few scene changes, not overblown highlights/shadows etc. can make it easier for the youtube encoder to distribute the bits in a reasonable fashion over the frames.


yep im pretty sure thats exactly what it is, thank god for youtube’s ass compression