Removing weapon pickup sounds


Is there anyway to get rid of the weapon pickup effect that happens at around 9 seconds into this video.
Also any other advice or criticism would be cool (i really dont know what im doing :D).


Re record the demo with cl_drawhud 0 then mask the top right side of the new render over the top of the old render or replace HudLayout.res in the hl2 folder with this I’ve never got it working but it may for you. To avoid that in the future wait ~1-2 seconds before unpausing and recording the demo/segment.

Otherwise, that run was pretty damn good, you picked up the rocked launcher faster than DwaHMoV!


Try this

playdemo demoname; wait 30; demo_pause; wait 1000; startmovie filename; demo_resume

Just adjust the second wait until the icons fade out. However I had some problems with audio and video not syncing up properly when using this method so you may need to record again using the normal method.