Registration Temporarily Disabled


Since we have been receiving so much spam lately, I have decided to temporarily disable registration, at least until this can get this situation under control. We’re not the only site who has been receiving a mass influx of spam, so I imagine this won’t be a SourceRuns-exclusive thing. We’ll open registration (at least between now and when the spam isn’t an issue anymore) whenever we release a run on our youtube channel, but only for a week or 2.

I apologize to anyone this inconveniences. If you really need to register, email me @, and I’ll allow you to register.

UPDATE: Registrations have been re-enabled.



*Puts emaill adres


It’s been a few years since I last saw a spam email actually make it to my inbox.



True. I hardly ever check my email anyway.


iPhones make it hard for you not to check your email every 15 minutes.


Wait, you have a sound notification when a new mail comes, huh? :o


Alright, it’s re-enabled.


I think maybe we need to disable registration again…


Agreed. Personally I think anyone interested enough in being involved with SourceRuns would just ask for registration anyway.


I completely disagree. The spam isn’t too bad, compared to what it was before, and it would only hurt the forums.


I agree it would be preferable if registration were left open.

I can’t remember back to when I signed up, but was/is there any form of anti-spam thing like Captcha or a questionnaire?


Admin approval would probably be a decent option, but I can’t put that kind of stress and spam on the other admins here. We’re all looking into ways to fix this problem, but until then, all we can do is delete accounts.


Speak of the devil…


Updated above post.


Registration re-opened