Reforming the Wiki


The SourceRuns Wiki at it’s current state has lots of articles that are outdated and unnecessary, making it a huge mess which is really difficult to take care of.

In order to keep things nice and tidy, we’ve decided to completely reorganize the Wiki, and to make it a little bit easier, we have created a new temporary wiki here. This might look like an unnecessary step, but in our eyes, it’s going to make it a lot easier to focus on things: we’ve been looking for many ways to keep the current wiki tidy, but because there’s so much things to take care of, it’s really hard to know where to start.


Right now we’re thinking of new ways to present the frontpage/game hubs, to make the information more accessible/organized.
After that, we’re going to move the best/most popular articles over, carefully reviewing and fixing/adding/updating little details for every article. Once that is done, we will replace the whole wiki with the current one.

To make it easier to maintain the whole thing, we’ve decided not to move any useless/self-explanatory articles for now.

If you have any thoughts/ideas/suggestions as to how the Wiki should be laid out or could be improved, post them here!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, currently your forum account does not get carried over to the new wiki, if you want to make changes, you will have to re-register for now (will be fixed later)


Some stuff I’ve been thinking about the frontpage:

How about we drop the individual game categorizing and use game engines for that instead?

For example: GoldSRC | Source | OrangeBox

Most of the articles in the game hubs on the current wiki are related to the game-engine, except for map routes and a small amount of game-exclusive tricks (might be a problem with portal/half-life tricks on orangebox engine hub). This can be organized easily by creating links to a game’s maplist (kind of like the current wiki does already).
The downside is that there would be little or no space for external links related to a certain game, such as speedrun leaderboards, video tutorials or other stuff.

Some stuff PJC thought of:

I’m not really sure about the engine hub idea, maybe we should stick with the game hubs after all? Thoughts?


If we use engine categorization instead, I think something like Source (Old) and Source (New) would be better, seeing as the Orange Box engine is still Source. I think I still prefer the game categorization though because there are sometimes game-specific differences unrelated to maps or tricks (for example exclusive console commands).


Here are my two-cents from an end user/casual speedrunner point of view. (i.e. Not a mod or pro runner)

I think the wiki is pretty good to navigate through. It never gave me any issues when I was starting to run games. In terms of scripts, map details and glitches/tricks that any new runner would need to know. Its informative and fairly clear. Everything directly where you want it.

The wiki homepage could do with some tidying up a bit, - Things which have been mentioned such as the categorising of the game versions, leader boards and sub-catergorise etc. Keep the layout, just make it a bit neater.

What I am saying is - The wiki is awesome how it is and anyone with half a brain can find what they need. But as said already, it just needs some neatening up. A bit of tender loving care, update it and maintain it.
I can’t help with code for the layout or anything, But I’d be more than happy to spend a few hours of my time we-writing some of the pages with good English and punctuation and spelling.

I’m sure you guys will make the right choices for the community.


One of the problems that exec pointed out in the first post is that a lot of this information is now either outdated, unnecessary or obsolete. This means that beginners are coming to the Wiki to get started, following up on the information provided and then being told shortly after that everything they’re doing is wrong. Some people don’t get told that and are still using outdated methods/information without knowing any better. We want people to at least be on the same wavelength to avoid confusion.

This is quite often being said but I disagree for the reasons above.

Also I don’t know if the reason for creating this board has been mentioned yet. We created it to work with the new wiki so that topics could be discussed before they get published. There are less knowledgeable people who will write/edit articles but don’t have the info and there are more knowledgeable people that have the info but won’t write/edit articles, so ideally we’re wanting to create a meeting point between the two and make it easier for the information provided on the wiki to be solid and up-to-date.


Obviously some of it’s outdated and important info might be missing. I suppose it brings a small amount of one-time accounts asking why their BunnymodXT isn’t working or something - which you’ll always get anyway because those people without half a brain will always make a quick account to open a new topic and ask a mundane or outdated question that would of been avoided if they scrolled to the bottom of the page to see that the page they are viewing is, in-fact, filed under “Outdated”

But my point was really that it’s fine how it is, it just needs updating and bringing it back up to speed(no pun). The beta wiki is pretty much what I envisioned in my head when I saw the title of this thread. So keep that up!

As I said, it’s just a personal view to aid in getting the best results for Sourceruns and I am sure the admins will sort it just fine!


There’s a lot of things that I assume were imported from the HL2DQ tricks text that I’m not a fan of. “Tricks”(Crawl Jumping, Dale Jumping) that really don’t need a separate name or an article. The terms aren’t being currently used by anyone, but I haven’t touched the articles because I’m not sure how other people feel about them. Some of the explanations on the HL2 side are unnecessarily complicated and not very easy to understand, which I’ve tried to fix in some articles.

The Portal articles are good from what I can remember, although they are missing some recently found tricks(Camera Bug, Fake Reload). I’ll try to make articles for those some time.

If you make an engine-based categorization you should also separate between Portal, Portal 2 and HL2 games.


How about having separate FAQ for every game?


Perhaps having dropdown lists in every category (“Source Engine (Old), Source Engine (New), GoldSrc”)? So that you dont have to click trough a novemdecillion different pages to get to one game.


The new wiki was so dead. But now the spam bots have given it a new life.


time to study how bots react to an empty wiki




Should’ve left it then trained a neural network off the spam articles and used that data to make a better spam filter for the forums.

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