Red or Black


As some of you may be aware, once you kill breen, you can still fall down, preventing g-man from appearing and rolling the credits.

However, you can avoid this by dieing in other manners.

This will give the credits a nice red tint (like in Mission Improbable), and also glitch out the G-Man cutscene in a minor way.

Should it be done?


If you die while crouching, the credits will roll in black.

Also, red hurts my eyes, and we will probably have custom credits anyway.


the MI credits are hard to read


No, don’t. This will cause such a controversy when the video is released. Just look at Portal Done Pro-er, and how people got their dicks in a wad because there was some writing on the portal gun. A lot of people probably won’t see this as a legitimate speed run if you end up dying at the end, (I personally don’t) so I really think this shouldn’t be done. The timer stops once the core is destroyed anyway, so it shouldn’t make a difference.


We went with black for the reasons Jared mentioned.

It’ll get shat upon.