Recruiting people for SourceCast


Hey everyone!

We’re thinking of reviving the SourceCast and recording more episodes soon! Would anyone be interested to join the podcast? Decent microphone is a requirement.

Also, this is only limited to people who we know well/talk to frequently.

If you feel like participating in the podcast, make a post here or something.


Good to hear you restart SourceCast! I don’t want to participate, just wanted to let u know


Ill hop in


I could but idk what to talk about :frowning:


wtf who are you


I’d be interested in participating in a SourceCast revival!


I’d be happy to help if you need anything more goldsource related. Can contact and talk to me most any time through Skype, Spider-Waffle / Blake P.


I could talk about Doggy-doggy ass.


I’d Participate, though I’m not a hl2 runner nor good at running these games rofl


Sorry Liam, it’s not for new members.