Quote hunting [GAME]


Intro to Big Lolly.

“I can’t access my files, I can’t answer my mail, I haven’t even been able to get into my office.”


Blue shift start : a scientist talking to Barney !

“I understand your concern doctor, but the administrator was quite clear”


Dr. Keller talking to Dr. Rosenburg in Decay.

“Rescued at last! Thank god you’re here”


Scientist speaking when marines arrived in Black Mesa

“There’s no way i can survive that enviroment!”


Breen talking to the Combine as Gordon and Alyx try to follow him up the elevator at the end of HL2.

“Humans can survive without water - but not for very long.”


No one seemed to know it. If you can post it what is the answer mike.

Here is a new one:

"You’ve proved yourself a decisive man so I don’t expect you’ll have any trouble deciding what to do. If you’re interested, just step into the portal and I will take that as a yes. "


Mine was the fact core from Portal 2. I think I might know what yours is but I’ll let someone else take a guess since I’m not really sure.


Gman in the end of HL1.


“and methodically knocking people’s hats off–then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can.”


Glados in Portal 2 speaking fast.



Team Fortress Classic when calling for a medic.

“Take one look through that door and you will see what I mean.”


Scientist talking to Gordon as he goes to the lambda complex

“Welcome to, GAME NAME, HERE.”


I think it’s GladOS but it’s either from unused audio or something from the commentary.

“You are man, he is not man. For you he waits. For you.”


One of Nihilanth’s quotes during HL1.


Umm… You’re supposed to leave a new quote.


I know but i have no idea…


“This… is the Free Man. The Combines reckoning… has come.”


Vortigant in the boxcar in Canals_01

“You are using this translation software incorrectly. Please consult the manual”


" What the hell for? We got him! Let’s kill him now!"


The soldiers capturing freeman.

“I’m glad to say my life saving efforts weren’t in vain”