I heard about a 2 hours run of HL2, but marshmallows run is only 2:14.Is there really a 2hours run?If yes, where can i download it and who run’s it?


You probably heard somebody talking about that 2:14 run.


In the topic:Valve reply bandit5k was talking about a 2 hours run.And in the phase times there is written time saved.On which run does that refer?After part1 is time saved 7:52, but when i compare the time with marshmallows run, then it must be about 12 minute’s.Or for example d2_coast_12, time saved 1 second, current time 37s so the old time must be 38s. But marshmallow needed for coast 12 2 minute’s in his run.


He means marshmallow’s run.Time saved means how much time has been saved compared to phase one times.


yeah, but time saved at coast_12 means how much saved on that map.On which time refer’s the time saved thing?If there is written time saved, so it must be a time before on which it refer’s.


After each map name time saved means how much faster that map has been completed since phase one. Below d1_town_05 there is a sum of all the time saved in the first part of the game.


What phase1?I only know phase2.You started a run before and aborted it or what?



will there be anymore phases?


I liked p1 better. I loved searching the maps for cool short cuts etc. P2 just gets repetative.- Gordon


in Phase One runs weren’t continuous in terms of saving the game to pass on health/ammo information. people loaded maps via the console to find routes and planning them for the Phase Two.


ah, oknow i understand


how long took phase 1?



Why you took the airboat i phase 2?I saw the timesheet ad the time is faster there withou airboat.



Because we do not know a way to get through the canals_11 trigger, which needs the airboat, without it. Also, we get to skip the canals_11 dialogue with the airboat, but not without.Besides, the airboat adds a little bit of a change to just bhopping or flying around all the time (a lot of the canals levels would be mostly flying otherwise), and it provides a few good shortcuts that would look mediocre with flying (jumping the big dam on canals_05, skipping the trigger on canals_08, skipping the dialogue on canals_11, various jumps, etc).

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