Question regarding Half-Life 2 Build 4044

I’ve been recently looking into getting Pre-2010 build of HL2, and 4044 sounds like the build to do the job, following this thread A link file for older hl2 version I’ve downloaded the “hl2v7b2455backup.rar” and the file from the mega link, however the mega download that is supposed to contain the .GCF files only contains the “hl2” folder with everything inside it, one of the screenshots in it has the console open and it shows it’s Build 4044, but I can’t do much with it without having access to the .GCF files.

I have tried using XJR’s version of HL2, however upon loading mods pre-2008 it comes up with an error: “bsp version 20, expecting 19 map load failed: [mapname] not found or invalid” so I’m under the impression that the build is far too old for any mods to run that have been made.

The SourceUnpack that’s linked in the downloads section in the main site loads the game and any mods with Build 5135 rather than 4044