Question about steam vs unpack


Is there any reason to prefer the unpacked version of ep1 and ep2 over the steam version for speedrunning? Like, I don’t need extra stuff that unpack might give me etc.


I believe that the episodes have better OoB movement in the older versions (you can move freely without getting stuck), which is pretty important at least in Episode 2 since there’s quite a lot of OoB stuff :slight_smile:


It’s easier to clip in the unpack, and you have full out of bounds movement as opposed to zero out of bounds movement in the steam version, not sure what the other major glitches are that the unpack have but those are the most important ones I think.


For ep2 yes, it saves multiple minutes due to being able to move freely oob.

For ep1 the steam version works, it doesn’t matter at all. It was never on the version of new engine with free oob movement and as far as I know the clipping is exactly the same in the steam version. Some people have complained about lag spikes in the steam version, which might be related to having the game on installed to an SSD. So if you’re having problems with that, try installing it to your HDD. Might sound a bit weird but it’s fixed it for some people.