Question about BHopping with Index Finger


I’m a noob to speed running and am learning to run Half Life. I bunny hop with my index finger and have for a long time so that can’t really change. This has been no problem until after the infinite health door because now I need to cook grenades while bunny hopping. (And Mouse1 is inaccessible while I bhop).

Does anyone have suggestions for how I could get by this?

For example, is there a way to make a conditional bind such that Mouse 2 while act as Mouse 1 if I have grenades out?


I have the same problem. You can bind a key on your keyboard to do it. I sometimes use “alt” “+attack” but most of the time I just scroll with middle finger when I need to. There is no way to make your example legitimate for current categories on You could use: bind “key” “bind mouse2 attack” but then you’d need bind “key” “bind mouse2 attack2” to change it back. Too many key presses. Probably.


Thanks. Alt actually helps a lot!


If your competing under rules that require using hardware like a wheel instead of software to fill the gap for jumping half-life leaves behind, just add some more hardware to your setup:

Tape two of your keyboard keys together when you speedrun or have a special keyboard/key caps you use just for this running. For example if you use “t” to switch to grenades link your “t” and “y” keys together with hardware (ie, tape, glue ect.) then use >bind y “bind mouse2 +attack”< so whenever you switch to grenades you’ll also press an adjacent key that you linked via allowed hardware modification.

Then do the same for another weapon like the shotgun that will bind mouse2 to whatever you have it on normally.

Basically if the rules you want to compete under advocate hardware instead of software, use hardware instead of software.

Or just disregard this arbitrary nonsense and use >bind t “weapon_handgrenade;bind mouse2 +attack”< ect.

Or, and I’m not advocating you do this, but you could also just use the bind above and say you used a hardware mod or manually pressed two keys at the same time and no one would ever be able to tell the difference. Ie the arbitrary 1.07 half-life DLLs plus injections page at rules, that were mostly decided on by 5 people new to competitive goldscource and half-life speedrunning, are completely unenforceable and most people could already be doing stuff like this anyway and no one would ever know.

OR, just use software for auto jump like the btx injection


Every rule that’s ever been introduced has had community consultation and backing behind it. However, I’m curious to know who these 5 people are?


PJC, I know you’ve tried hard and earnestly to see accurately see what the community wants and it would be hard to do much better. As far as 5 people, I’m not here to name names, but all the discussion I’ve seen strongly in favor of hardware over software seems to come from about 5-6 vocal people relatively new to competitive goldsource/source play (outside of CS which doesn’t want speed jumping) and half-life / HL2 speedrunning. Then about 15 others side with them but don’t particularly have strong opinions or care all too much, and the rest will simply do w/e the majority are trying to do.

There’s no perfect solution or set of rules, but anyone I’ve talked to at length, including yourself, and/or has spent thousands of hours taking part in the competitive communities that collectively spent millions of man ironing out a blueprint for what works best for goldsource for 19 years, knows hardware is not the way to go.


I scroll with index as well and I just reversed my binds for mouse1 and mouse2. It does take a bit of getting used to but it works.


Then don’t mention it in the first place. We currently have 4 moderators on, two of which were here way before I joined the community just over 2 years ago; the other coming along around the same time I did. We all have at least a decent knowledge of the game and plenty of experience; most of us have been pretty vocal about our opinions on this topic in the past also. We don’t decide the rules, we only enforce them to the best of our ability.

Well, there are now 48 players placed on the leaderboards, the high majority of which haven’t voiced complaints about the jumping method; when I did suggest alternatives to people in the community I had contact with, most, if not all of them were pretty strongly opposed to changing it. In fact, I ended up pissing a lot of people off with all the constant forum/poll/other links related to rule discussion. Basically, the majority of people are happy with the way things are for the most part and, evidently, no amount of ranting from you whenever you get the opportunity is going to change that.

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