Quantum AFH?


So i was practicing doorlaunch and happened to end up abhafh-ing standing up. i got a little spastic with my ctrl button, and was using sv_autojump 1. I dont record demos of me practicing so i was just curious if anyone else has had that happen? it was the weirdest thing visually. it was like i was standing, but abh-ing.

Also, I assure you I am quantum crouched. If you load the save and experament with it you can see for yourself.


Cannot get it to record and work at the same time. will upload save.


to help you get it working, when you load it just hold ctrl, s, and mash jump (before it finishes loading. i recommend using sv_autojump or a macro or something). you may want to bump left as i was curving to the right when it happened. other then that, see if anyone can recreate it.


You don’t need to be crouched to ABH/AFH. It still works, you just get less of a boost (but jump higher).

You need to crouch at the start of ABH because you need to be going faster than a certain amount times your walking velocity, and crouching reduces your walking velocity. It’s the same reason you can do a standing ABH if you sprint in HL2.


I promise, I’m quantum crouched. I hit the ledge in section 3 and saw outside. Also, if you stop jumping you can tell it’s quantum crouched. Not sure how I did it. But I did.


You’re doing a quick quantum crouch, that was used in PDI and even in por, basically if you crouch while going through a portal with the right timing, you end up in a quantum crouch state where you can jump, and if you have enough speed, you can abh or afh.


Yeah this is pretty easy to do accidentally in 10, nothing new I’m afraid.


It was even done in PDUF in 15 I believe. The trick itself is pretty old and as Jukspa said it’s very easy to accidentally do in 10.


Well damn.