Quake Live


any of you guys as a Quake Live account?
this is an online game really really funny…:wink:


Yeah, I do. I only started playing it like 3 days ago.


I played it a bit quite a while back, never really got into it.

For the lazy http://www.quakelive.com/


I’ve played it. It’s alright.


I created my account 4 months ago and I’ve got about 2-3 days of game played :D. I love this game because it’s similar to Half-Life and for some nice tricks to do like rocket jumps, plasma jumps, bhop…


Sounds like Quake 3. Oh, wait.


Just a friendly match between me and another ita player.
The map (Limbus) isn’t really a 1vs1 map but the match is still great.


Centaur1um: Its Q3 with shaders and crap like that, lol.